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Meet the Team

PMI Silicon Hills provides professional community association management in the greater Austin metro and Hill Country areas of Texas.

PMI Silicon `Hills is locally owned and independently operated by Ken and Kelly Littleton. We are members of Property Management, Inc., a Utah-based property management company that has been improving the property management industry for over 20 years with thousands of satisfied clients in association, residential, commercial, and short-term properties. PMI has over 260 offices nationwide and over 60,000 units under management.

We understand that community management is challenging and time-consuming. Your HOA/COA is your community. It’s where you live and raise your family. Our goal is to help you run a harmonious and well-governed association. Our CAI-certified management team offers a fiduciary duty to the association with knowledgeable, trustworthy, and timely guidance in all financial, governance, and community matters. We give boards and homeowners the highest quality management services by using industry-leading online technology to keep them informed of how the association is performing in real-time — instant access to financials, maintenance, communications, and records while giving residents a community portal to access notifications, requests, and payments.

We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service, sustaining and improving common areas, and ensuring sound financial management.

We take pride in our core values:

Professionalism ★ Responsiveness ★ Integrity ★ Dependability ★ Efficiency

At PMI Silicon Hills, we make association management, manageable!

Picture of Ken and Kelly
Ken & Kelly Littleton Co-Owners of PMI Silicon Hills

Ken and Kelly enjoy traveling the world, relaxing on cruises, and creating successful businesses. They’ve been happily married for over 24 years and are ideally compatible for working closely together. In 2017, they spent the entire year traveling in Southeast Asia, Oceania, and Europe. After relocating to beautiful Austin in 2018, they recognized the need for professional community association management in the booming real estate market here. They bring 20 years of board management and CAI certification with experience in all aspects of financial, governance, and community management.

Ken is an enlightened leader, manager, and problem-solver with over 30 years in technology innovation, development, and project management experience in multiple industries. He has 20 years of experience as a Managing Member and Secretary of a townhome condominium association in Southern California. Ken is an expert on Texas State and Local Association Law, as well as best practices for Bylaws and CC&R’s. He has managed all aspects of association governance, finance, and community including budgets, reserves, vendor relations, major projects, legal, and communications. Ken is a member of the Austin chapter of the Community Associations Institute (CAI).

Ken has spent most of his professional career creating visual effects magic and technology for award-winning films such as Independence Day, Titanic, Star Trek, and Star Wars. His extensive film credits can be found on IMDB.

Kelly is extraordinarily gifted at organization and communication. Where others may let their inbox get crowded, she doesn’t rest until she’s sent the last email. Taking action is what she does best – procrastination isn’t even in her vocabulary.

Kelly graduated with honors from UCLA and spent much of her professional career at the university in several important administrative positions. She loved working on campus with staff, students, and faculty. Her organizational, interpersonal, and administrative skills provided her with many opportunities at UCLA, including student counseling, scheduling classes for the largest academic department on campus, supporting grad students and faculty at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, and managing compliance for the Office of Intellectual Property.

In 2018, Kelly launched a successful six-figure Amazon reseller business which she sold in 2020. She contacted over 350 US-based distributors and built relationships with the best suppliers.

While Ken loves fixing things, Kelly loves to take care of people. They are both doers, and nothing makes them happier than a job well done.