Association Management in Austin, TX: Rental Property Inspections

Association Management in Austin, TX: Rental Property Inspections

Texas has around 20,000 homeowners associations with many of them allowing property investors to bring in renters.

If you've just purchased your first property in an Austin HOA, you may be wondering how it all works. Your landlord duties will largely remain the same, but some key differences have to do with the rules and regulations of your specific HOA.

In today's post, we're going to zero in on rental property inspections and maintenance. If your community has HOA management, there's a good chance they'll do these inspections, so keep reading and learn how to maintain your property properly.

Why Rental Property Inspections Matter

First and foremost, rental property inspections ensure that your property is being protected. Rental homes go through far more wear and tear than owner-occupied ones, but you can mitigate major issues by inspecting properties regularly and performing maintenance as needed.

Inspections also ensure your renters are complying with your lease agreement. It's particularly important in an HOA, where there are governing documents dictating how people need to behave. An inspection can tell you a lot about what a tenant is doing on your property.

Finally, doing inspections can build a solid relationship with your tenant. All tenants appreciate an attentive landlord. Inspections let you make sure your tenant is happy with your property.


One of the more important inspections is the move-in/move-out that you conduct at the start and end of a tenancy. When your tenant moves in, you'll go through the property together and make note of existing issues.

As the tenancy ends, you'll do the same inspection. Any new damage is paid for with some or all of the damage deposit.

You can also perform regular inspections throughout a tenancy. These are more for addressing maintenance issues and making sure your tenant is abiding by your lease.

Property Inspections Laws

Determining how often you should conduct these inspections can be tricky. It's important to follow Texas' property inspection laws.

There are no restrictions on how often to inspect your property, but you must give your tenant privacy and the right to quiet enjoyment of the rental. As long as you give your tenant at least a day's notice before performing an inspection, you can do them 3-4 times per year.

Property Management Services in Austin

In an HOA, property inspections are even more important. Your tenant must follow the community's guidelines or you risk offending your fellow homeowners. As a property owner, you pay the HOA fees and the onus is on you to ensure the community is being treated with respect.

Every HOA in Austin will have particular guidelines around inspections. That said, you can expect your HOA management to perform inspections on your behalf.

Getting Help With Rental Property Inspections in Austin HOAs

Having an HOA management company take care of property inspections takes a lot off of your plate. They'll make sure your property is being respected and community guidelines are being followed. With the right HOA management services in place, your tenants and property can thrive.

PMI Silicon Hills is one of the top property management services in Austin. To learn how we can help protect your property and community, contact us today for a consultation.