Association Property Manager: Building Strong Communities through Effective Leadership

Association Property Manager: Building Strong Communities through Effective Leadership

Although 20% of the homes in Texas are in HOAs, very few of these communities have strong leadership.

Living in an HOA can be wonderful, especially when the community is well-run, has great amenities, and the guidelines are clear. When you don't have this, it's usually due to poor leadership skills on behalf of your HOA board.

The thing is, your HOA board is made up of volunteer homeowners, not professionals. In today's post, we'll tell you how an association property manager can fix your HOA's problems.

A bit of experience and expertise can go a long way toward improving a community. Keep reading and learn about the perks of an HOA manager.

Communicating and Organizing

An important aspect of community living is getting every homeowner on the same page. When everyone's moving in the same direction, the community can grow and thrive. If some people are combative and don't want to participate, things become a lot more difficult.

A community association manager will whip your HOA into shape by holding both community-wide and board-only meetings. In these meetings, they'll ensure your community is organized and that every single homeowner's voice is heard. An organized, communicative community is a happy one.

Supporting Your HOA Board

It's not hard for an HOA board to become swamped. These volunteers are rarely equipped to take on accounting or vendor coordination for an entire community. At the same time, homeowners shouldn't have to settle for substandard leadership.

A lot of people think an HOA manager will come in and usurp the HOA board, but that's just not true. Decision-making power is still in the hands of the homeowners elected to the board, but property management will offer their expertise to support your leaders as needed.

Securing Top Local Vendors

Maintenance of common areas is something an HOA member expects when they pay their monthly fees. The right types of managers come with built-in vendor relationships, so the community can rest easy knowing their needs will always be a priority.

Whether it's landscaping for the parks or garbage removal for the entire block, everything will be taken care of promptly. If your HOA manager doesn't have a vendor for a particular task, they'll go out and find one.

Boosting Finances

On average, homes in HOAs are 4% more valuable than similar homes outside these communities. That's only true in well-run communities, however.

If your HOA isn't giving you this kind of financial benefit, you need to consider an HOA manager. Using their deep-seated experience, an HOA manager will fix the problems in the HOA to make it a desirable place to invest. Once more buyers show interest, property values will rise.

Get the Best Association Property Manager in Austin

A good association property manager can turn a community around. The best association property manager will make your community thrive. At PMI Silicon Hills, we're part of America's top property management company.

To learn more about what our services can do for your HOA, don't hesitate to contact us for a consultation.