Delegating: An HOA board member’s secret weapon

Delegating: An HOA board member’s secret weapon
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There are only so many hours in the day and a limited number of people who can step up to the plate. That’s why delegating is among the most important skills HOA board members need to acquire. But delegating successfully isn’t always easy — it can take some know-how and experience flexing that proverbial muscle. It also needs to be handled with a lot of forethought and intention.

When you’re determining who to assign to a certain job at your Austin-area HOA, you’ll want to choose wisely. Pick someone who seems best suited for the task at hand. It could be the person with the most experience, passion, or skills to get the job done successfully.

Leverage skills, talents

If you’re looking for a job to assign to a new person on the board of your Austin-area HOA, consider pairing them with a more experienced board member first. That way they can learn the basics while knowing they have someone in their corner to consult.

When assigning certain jobs, you’ll want to consider various factors, including time constraints and importance. You’ll want to choose people who you feel are capable of seeing the project to fruition by the deadline. It can be easier to assign projects with fewer restrictions and protocols to follow, as it allows you to be more hands-off.

Give them tools to succeed

Speaking of being hands-off, when it comes to delegating, you want to find a healthy balance between being absent, and yet, still being available for questions and feedback. Just be sure that you’re giving the person all of the details they need to check the task off their to-do list. Don’t make any assumptions when it comes to policies and procedures. Be as clear and concise as possible and allow time for back and forth. Let them know any deadlines, protocols, and other relevant details that might help them in their work. Always document these items so you can have everything in writing for posterity.

Be patient

Keep in mind that everyone learns at a different pace. The task that took you 20 minutes to complete (after months or years of repetition) might take them an hour, for instance. Be mindful of the learning curve and allow a buffer so that delays won’t completely derail you.

Encourage problem-solving

Also, provide some wiggle room for their own approach to tackling complexities (as long as they’re following the rules and regulations required for the project). Everyone’s brain processes problems differently, so encourage outside-the-box thinking. You can also check in once in a while to see how they’re doing and if they have any questions or need any additional assistance.

Reflect on wins

When a job is done well, make sure to recognize the efforts of those who made it possible. You can thank them and mention how well they did in your next meeting. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and people who feel validated, tend to have better ideas and are more willing to step up. If there are any helpful tips, constructive criticism or advice you have for future projects, handle them with discretion. Start with positive feedback and then offer a few notes that may be helpful going forward.

Delegating can be a great tool to enhance the performance of any HOA board. We hope, with these tips, that you’re able to delegate successfully and that your board is productive. If you’d like more help with your Austin-area HOA, please reach out to us at PMI Silicon Hills. We love partnering with communities. We wish you success in whatever projects you have planned.